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Legal Aid Awareness Activities by AULAC (ANSAL UNIVERSITY LEGAL AID CLINIC):  In pursuance of effective implementation of campaign titled ” Connecting to serve- the way forward” from 9th Nov-18th Nov, 2017.  Ansal University Legal Aid Clinic undertook the following initiave:

Day 1- On 9th Nov,2017,  AULAC alongwith panel advocate Ms..Kheema Sharma and PLV Vineeth PR and Vimmy Garg started the campaign “Connected to serve “an initiative by DLSA. We visited residential and commercial area of village Wazirabad and spread awareness of their legal rights and  benefitted more than 50 people and distributed pamphlets among them.

Day 2- On 10 Nov 2017, the students of SOL with the help of AULAC and Legal Aid Counsel Kheema Sharma from DLSA ( District Legal Services Authority) visited village Tigara and spread awareness regarding basic laws among villagers, backward community and needy people.  Dr. Komal Sandhu (Coordinator AULAC) discussed about various schemes of DLSA regarding free legal aid along with functioning of AULAC contributing it’s sincere efforts towards Legal Aid. PLV’s (Para Legal Volunteers) Vineeth, Vimmy Garg and other students of SOL named; Harshit, Tripti, Anvi, Neha, Tanya, Ayushi and Vinamr also contributed in this social cause.

Day 3- On 13th November, 2017 AULAC Committee members with Panel advocates of DLSA and PLV’s continued with their door to door compaign at village Tigara and  then all of them visited roadside school at sector 56 for underprivileged children. The team provided basic knowledge of children’s legal right awareness regarding cleanliness, health and sanitation.

Day 4- On Children’s day, AULAC has decided to spread a massage of happiness and greetings to the differently abled children. Two professors Dr. Komal Sandhu and Prof. Abraham Joseph from School of Law, Ansal University with 12 Committee members visited Anand Ashram which is a homestead for mentally and physically challenged orphan boys in the care of the Society of the Missionary Brothers of Charity Contemplative of Mother Teresa of Kolkata. The faculty members acquainted the caretakers of shelter home with the rights of differently abled persons and their respective responsibilities of the care takers. The AULAC team also interacted with the children; make them laugh with creative fun games. Dr.Komal has encouraged the children to work hard and realise their dreams.

The basic aim of this programme to make these children happy and ensure them that we are with them in all their endeavour and needs.

Day 5- Awareness campaign  on Labour Laws-

The AULAC Committee members alpngwith PLV’s and Panel Advocates visited slum area of Wazirabad village. Labour welfare schemes and other labour issues were discussed. Committee members informed the people about Free legal aid services and various policies of DLSA.

Day 6. Neki ki Diwar-

A Wall of Kindness was set up near gate number .. of Sector 55 in Gurgaon on friday, to help underprivileged people who find it tough to make ends meet.

The Wall of Kindness or ‘Neki ki Deewar’ is a concept in which hooks or hangers are put up on a wall designated for the purpose and people leave clothes for the needy. This model of donations is followed around the world and is fast gaining popularity in India.

The site in Sector 55 was decided on due to its proximity to various commercial offices, and a heavy footfall of people every day.

The initiative is being taken up by AULAC (ANSAL UNIVERSITY LEGAL AID CLINIC SET UP IN ANSAL UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF LA ). Members associated with the campaign said they aim to inspire people to participate in the Legal aid awareness and social service initiatives. The initiative has a theme—‘If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.’

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